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Hopefully my loyalty wouldn't become a liability

Feb 1 

I GET MY FULL LICENSE NO RESTRICTIONS. 1 YEAR without a tickets/ accident/being pulled over/breakdown/flat/anything major going wrong thank God. Im a DAILY DRIVER ever since I got my provisional. I would like to thank God for keep me safe on the road, my parents, my RADAR DETECTOR. I can finally get to drive in the CITY (NYC) which everyone is either; scared of, annoyed by or just don’t have the time or money to go across the bridge with those insane toll. Oh sweet, I can drive in Miami in the summer time also if I go. My friends get tickets all the time for gettin caught doing shit lol NOT ME BITCHES 

    1. 1 noteTimestamp: Friday 2013/02/01 0:32:43its a big deal for mepersonal>:D
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